Mu Labs Advanced Imaging Solutions
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We provide custom designed solutions for educational & research institutions, industry and individuals. We can develop solution for you fast and cost-effective. Try our Able Image Analyser, then contact us to tell what additional features/improvements do you need.

We can guarantee that our team can develop solution for you in shorter time than competitors, however the price stays low.


  • Petri dishes analysis
  • measurements of cells (area, perimeter)
  • cell sorting and counting
  • color transformations for identification of dies used for staining
  • segregate RGB colors for fluorescence microcopy in low light imaging
  • analysis and identification of proteins and cells of various types


  • identification and classification of tissues
  • automatic generation of microscopy reports in pathology
  • different kinds of cells count - save time, strain and human errors
  • calculate the porosity in a bone sample or a tissue sample which is affected


  • measurement of sizes of drug crystals and grains
  • ratio calculation of each drug compound


  • identification of various metals in an alloy
  • calculation of nodules sizes in metals
  • calculation of porosity in cast-iron and different metals
  • measurements of metal grains


  • identification and measurement of tracks and cracks in PCBs
  • IC inspection
  • crack porosity detection in solder
  • analysis of etched resistors, capacitors etc.

Archaeology, mineral geology, agriculture...

  • in-field analysis with portable microscope and laptop pc
  • area measurements with aerial photography
  • analysis of plant diseases
  • mineral and soil classification (quality, impurities)